Lingkar Studi Filsafat Discourse (LSF Discourse) is a study community concerned on philosophy which lived in Malang City, Indonesia. We have a very simple form in our every study. Like a perfect circle, we have special times where all any member can sit and learn together; sharing knowledge and experience which have been our everyday reflection. In other hands, we always try to learn and depevelop basic philosophy like metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, logic, and history of philosophy without abandoning very various contemporary philosophy topics. At the moment, we establish a public discussion with competence speaker.

In this time, we have new media that is which everybody can share their reflection. We hope this website will be one of the cites for people that want to acknowledge philosophy much tight without facing any systematical difficulty. So, with joyful, we serve an opportunity to you for sharing philosophical experience in free writing essay.

If you want to share any ideas and reasoning experiences please open contribution. Thank you for visiting and learning together.

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